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South Africa Safari Details

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Archery Hunting in Africa with Bushmen Safaris

Not sure about when to book your archery trip?

MARCH THROUGH MAY - The land is green and refreshingly devoid of other tourists. Temperature is never terribly hot, rarely exceeding 90 degrees F. Humidity is low and mornings and evenings are cool.

June THROUGH August - Dry winter season when the grasses are low and the animals can be seen clearly. Average daytime temperatures are 65 - 70 degrees F, and nights and mornings can be quite cool. Temperatures begin to warm in September.

September THROUGH November - A delightful time of the year – it is spring time. Days are warmer with lows of 65 degrees F and highs in the 90s. Short rains in November only freshen the country.

A Day at Bushmen

A day at Bushmen starts like any other day, a warm and delicious breakfast waits as the alarm hits 6:00am in the morning. As soon as everyone is done eating, Nick will call in the hunting vehicles that will take the clients to their blinds. Here on Bushmen we have 12 ground blinds and 4 elevated blinds situated all over the best areas on the ranch. Before our clients go out we always talk them through all of our animals and the correct shot placements. Unlike the American animals, our animals’ vitals are more forward towards the chest area therefore a shot placement booklet will be handed to every client that spends a day in one of our blinds. Bushmen has a wide variety of game including: Cape Buffalo, Sable, Nyala, Eland, Kudu, Blesbok, Impala, Blue Wildebeest, Black Wildebeest, Red Hartebeest, Zebra, Steenbok, Grey Duiker, Gemsbok. With the proper management and conservation we are proud to say that Bushmen Safaris delivers exceptional quality in animals.

When being dropped off at a blind, the hunter is provided with a lunch packed full of goodness and preferable drinks, comfy cushions to make the hours and long wait worthwhile, Ozonics(Ozone machines) that work like a charm to keep the human scent away and most important the 2 way radio which the client uses to call the lodge when he/she has shot an animal or in case of an emergency. Once someone has shot an animal, Nick, Shannon or Gert will get the retrieving crew and head out to the blind or location the animal was shot. We also have raised and trained exceptional hunting dogs if an animal needs extra tracking.

Once the animal is found and collected, pictures are taken and the animal gets tagged in the manner the client would like it to be skinned for mounting purposes.  At this point of the day the hunter returns to their blind or goes to a new blind to continue hunting.

Once the sun has started to set we head back to the lodge to enjoy a delicious meal that Lydia has prepared. While unwinding and relaxing for the evening everyone excitedly exchanges their stories and happenings during the day.

Bushmen Safaris offers bow hunting safaris in South Africa

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