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Archery-Only African
Safari Hunting Trips
Archery-Only African
Safari Hunting Trips
Archery-Only African
Safari Hunting Trips
Archery-Only African
Safari Hunting Trips
Archery-Only African
Safari Hunting Trips
Archery-Only African
Safari Hunting Trips

The Bushmen Safaris reserve has been exclusively archery only since 1986. We are owned, operated, and set up for the bow hunter. Great genetics and low hunting pressure have resulted in a high number of record-breaking hunts at Bushmen Safaris!

2024 Hunter Success

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“Bushmen Safaris is a top-notch organization from top to beginning to end. From the time they pick you up at the airport until you say goodbye you'll feel welcome. They take a sincere personal interest in your experience and success. The bow hunting opportunities are exceptional due to the low pressure that results from a very specific and limited hunting schedule. The PH's are always positive and encouraging, true professionals. The trackers are phenomenal and the new lodge is beautiful. For someone that had little interest in hunting Africa, I'm coming back. The adventure makes the memories, the people make the difference.“
- Brian P.
“This was my first trip to Africa but my husband's 4th. Our trip was exceptional! We were welcomed and made to feel like family. Our accommodations exceeded expectations. After a long day in the blind, a hot shower was most appreciated, followed by beers, wines, cocktails…your choice. The food was delicious, every day, every meal. But, the hunting, that was the best part of the trip. Johan, Rina and Hein were committed to making our hunting experience the best. Every day was a new adventure and the variety of animals we saw was incredible. There's a lot to be said about the advantages of a bow hunting only experience on 22000 acres. We definitely want to come back. I forgot to mention, JP was a bonus! Well mannered, intelligent, and charming! First impressions: friendly greeting at the airport; comfortable, attractive transportation, the beautiful lodge and other buildings (even tho it is now well past midnight), welcomed by the staff. A class act right from the start!Thank you to all the staff who made our experience incredible!“
- Donald and Margie L.
“This was my first hunting trip to Africa. Like many, I had grown up reading about the plains game and hunting in Africa but was not sure how that would work for a bow hunter. My friend found Bushmen's and after meeting them at shows and conversing online we decided to hunt with them. I have been on several hunts, many of which claim they cater to bow hunters, but this was one of the very few where that rings true. The water holes and blinds are setup perfectly for archers. The shots are reasonable, and you can see the animals as they approach. There is plenty of room to move without being seen, and ample room to draw and make a good shot. A bow hunters paradise. The other factor is opportunities. The animals in the ranch are plentiful and we saw animals every day we were there throughout the day and of many different varieties. The animals are free to range over the ranch, but there are many opportunities to shoot every day. The last factor is the staff. They embody the professional in PH. They walk you through judging the animals and shot placement, which is key for African game. They want you to be successful work hard every day to give you opportunities. After the shot they have an expert tracker find your animal. I am still in awe at their ability to track game through the brush. I cannot recommend Bushmen's strongly enough for anyone considering an African bow hunt. The facilities, opportunities, and staff will not disappoint!“
- Jimmy & Erin
“Bushmen Safaris is top notch! This place is a diamond in the rough. The accommodations and service were excellent. The staff is well organized and go above and beyond to make sure your stay is the best it can be. As a novice hunter, the Professional Hunting staff went out of their way to provide guidance and suggestions to make my hunt successful. A special thanks to Rina for all that she has done during our visit. 5 stars!”
- John Shepherd
“My number one priority, when booking with an outfitter is, “how is the hunting?”, and let me tell you that the hunting at Bushmen's is fantastic. I want to get up early, hunt the whole day, and that is exactly what I got. I am not overly concerned about the food or the lodging, but both were excellent. The blinds are spacious and well thought out, with most of the yardage in the 20-25 range, and it was great seeing all the different animals at every blind. Hunting only 10 days a month really gives the animals time to relax coming into the waterholes. The sheer number of animals was crazy good! I left a few off my list so I could go back. The past reviews that state, “you come as a client, and leave as family”, are true. Gert, Johan, Francois, Rina, Keystone, Chili, and the rest of the staff are so professional, helpful, nice, and so knowledgeable about all the animals it really makes you want to never leave.“
- Steve
“This outfitter, Bushmen Safaris, is top-notch. They paid attention to detail from the time they picked us up at the airport until the time they dropped us off. They treat each other as family, and with respect, and they treat their clients just the same. The food and hunting are fantastic, as well as the atmosphere and accommodations. Not only do they take care of the hunters, but they also take care of those on the trip that don't hunt. They genuinely care and make an investment in their clients. They've definitely made an impact on our lives“
- Dawn & Randy
“The Bushmen experience is second to none. I've hunted all over the world and this has been my favorite hunting trip to date. Dani was excellent in organizing the pre-trip details until Rina and her team executed on everything upon arrival. Johan and Gert are exceptional in the filed making sure of a successful hunt. Bushmen will be an annual trip for me.“
- Justin
“Bushmen Safaris is an archery hunters dream come true! Great blinds by water holes. Lots of activity from many different animals coming and going all day long. The hardest part of the hunt is trying to decide which ones to shoot! The food was delicious with different wild game meat each night. We truly felt like family as every effort was made to insure we were comfortable and had a successful hunt. If you are looking for an Archery only hunt in Africa we highly recommend Bushmen Safaris!“
- Cliff and Kathy D.
“Thank you, Johan and Rina, as well as Gert, Francois, JP and all the staff for an incredible experience for the Hunter and non-Hunter! The property, accommodation, food, variety of animals to hunt and observe, were all amazing! I was so thrilled to see giraffes almost daily! As the spouse of the Hunter, I was a bit nervous about how I would spend my days, but it turned out to be the perfect amount of relaxation with random days of activity and always animals around at the lodge waterhole. The rides around the bush to join Steve for a photo shoot were the best (and the day at the spa was special too)! It's been like hanging out with family!“
- Christie
“This was my first hunting trip ever and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Right out of the gate the outfitters were super excited to meet everyone and hear previous hunting stories. Throughout the whole trip they continued to check in asking about our stay and ensuring that our stay was as comfortable as possible. Hunting out of the blinds was such a cool experience and everthing was so well set up for archery hunters. The staff was amazing and really made it their goal to try and get you all the animals on your wish list. It was so cool to watch the trackers and get to help hunt down our animals. Overall I would say our stay could not have turned out any better and I would highly recommend this outfit to anyone who has or hasn't gotten to hunt in Africa before!“
- Tom D.
“A good friend of mine and I had the opportunity to hunt with Bushmen Safaris for several days in early June of 2024. I can verify that this property is world-class for a bowhunter. Let's start with Rina and Johan, the site managers. They were unbelievably personable, professional, and knowledgeable. The rest of the staff were also great. The lodge is new and has a 5-star infrastructure. They have over 20 great blinds which are comfortable and well laid out. The animals were fantastic, with many opportunities for gold medal class animals. In short, if you are a bowhunter this is the place to go. Guaranteed I will be returning for more unforgettable times.“
- Bret B.
“I would highly recommend Bushmen Safaris to anyone looking for an archery only outfit. It was my first time hunting in Africa and it was an incredible experience. The guides were very involved and made the whole experience amazing. I'm planning definitely going back again!“
- Alexa A.
“Bushmen Safaris can be described best by just one word: unimaginable! When I booked my first trip I had never planned to make a return trip. By the end of the first day at Bushmen I already knew I'd be back! Now that the second trip is in the books our third trip is already booked. When I was booking this trip I wanted to bring my dad since he had never been to South Africa but he was extremely hesitant to go. He asked, “why would you want to fly all the way to Africa to go hunting?” I told him because it's a phenomenal time and you need to experience it. My nephew and I eventually convinced him to come with us. I asked him what he thought after the first few days of the hunt. He said, “you're wrong, it isn't phenomenal, it's unimaginable!” The trackers, the PH's, the staff, the food, the lodge, the hospitality, the blinds, the animal quality, and the hunting are all definitely unimaginable. If you've ever considered archery hunting in South Africa you won't find a better place than Bushmen Safaris!“
- Will K.
“I have to say, my hunt at Bushmen Safaris is the best hunt I have ever been on. I was able to get every animal that I wanted on the hunt. The staff at Bushmen Safaris was wonderful and made me feel like family. This hunt is definitely a must do for the hunter that loves to bow hunt. Also, my wife accompanied me on the trip and is not a hunter but had an awesome trip. The staff made her feel very welcomed.”
- Steve Evans
“The time has come to return to the real world. Can't say enough about Bushmen Safaris. Rina, Johan, Gert and Francois are the greatest!! Them and the staff took such great care of us. Just like family. The food and accommodations are fantastic. The hunting is phenomenal, so many animals to watch and enjoy. Can't say enough about this place! Just an all-around amazing experience! Thanks so very much!“
- Dave
“The room accommodations were perfect the bed slept great, the showers were great, there was plenty of hot water and pressure, and the breakfast, lunch & dinner was awesome. The facilities were very nice & clean and kept up, the staff was very friendly, in the bush we saw lots of animals and the trackers were very nice and friendly which made me feel like I was part of the hunting team. I enjoyed riding with the staff to go track and view the property which was very beautiful. Best vacation I have ever been on.”
- Tracy Evans, Non-Hunter
“Just wanted to say thank you again for an amazing hunt. It you are a bow hunter you owe it to yourself to try out Bushmen Safaris. Johan and Rina and staff went above and beyond to make my trip a success. From there bow hunting specific blind setups to there relentless pursuit of wounded game, Bushmen is the crème of the crop for bow hunting Africa. Large quantities of game and top notch trophy quality, give these guys a try. I guarantee you won't be sorry!“
- Cal C.
“The food was terrific, professional organization, well managed place, plenty of animals, and being here with family was great. Family atmosphere always.”
- Ray Culey
“Johan and Rina have done a masterful job on the new addition to the property. Very impressive, but more important than that, the two of them could not do enough to make each and every guest comfortable and happy, attending to everyone's needs. I feel that after my second hunt with them that I am one of the family. Looking forward to returning again in 2025.“
- Bill C.
“Our first trip to Africa to hunt at Bushmen Safaris-not truly knowing what to expect! Believe it when we say-our stay was phenomenal!!! From the greeting at the plane, until they dropped us back off at the airport! Management goes above and beyond to accommodate their clients, rooms were spacious, cleaned daily & very comfortable. Staff are always friendly/respectful -and meals were amazing!! (Dinner & lunches included game killed—there delicious!!). Each blind was top notch-with a variety of animals every day-no matter which one you were in! The Bushmen Safaris facility is exceptional, and we are leaving with their team now a part of our family!!“
- Malcom & Linda

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