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10.27.17 Friday
When is the Best Time of the Year to Hunt at Bushmens Safaris?
By: Bushmen Safaris

When you are at Bushmen Safaris!!!
Bow hunting season is typically from late March to early October, and the best time to bow hunt is during those months. The rainy season in South Africa roughly begins during the second week in November and normally ends the second or third week of February. Below you will find a breakdown of the months and what you can expect during your bow hunting adventures at Bushmen Safaris

April through August – Dry winter season when the grasses are low and the animals can be seen clearly. In April and early May the main species are in the middle of the rut which really brings out the bulls. Average daytime temperatures are 65-75 degrees F, and nights and mornings can be quite cool. Temperatures begin to warm in August.

September and October – A delightful time of the year – it is springtime. Days are warmer with lows of 65 degrees F and highs in the 90s. Short rains in November only freshen the country.

December through February – These are the summer months. Although it is also the rainy season – and the rains can be heavy – they are usually brief. The moisture leaves the country revitalized. Average temperatures are in the high 90’s and low 100’s degrees F range.

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