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05.21.18 Monday
What Hunting Apps Do The Experts Recommend
By: Bushmen Safaris

What are the apps that most of our hunting experts on Outdoor Sportsman Group programming use?

Melissa Bachman (Winchester Deadly Passion): “Years ago, I downloaded this app called Shot Simulator and it has been so helpful in the field. It allows you to position the deer exactly as you shot it and then you can peel away the skin and layers to get a better idea of exactly what vital organs you hit. I’ve even pulled it out for other guys in camp to use as well.”

Dan Braman (Wildlifers): “(I like) onXmaps for sure. It makes knowing your property boundaries easy and it allows you to completely cover an area, knowing exactly where you are.”

Matt Bullins (Whitetail Fix): “We use various apps, but some of our favorites are definitely weather apps. Plus things like HuntStand, ScoutLook, etc.”

Ralph Cianciarulo (Archer’s Choice, The Choice) “My weather app, of course! Why is that? Because you need to know and understand the weather and what it does to deer movement.”

Mark Drury (Thirteen): “It would have to be, their little weather app. I’m on it all day, every day.”

Bill Gorman (L.L.Bean Guide to the Outdoors):“I’m currently using the Primos Hunting App since it shows current weather, wind, etc.”

Trevon Stoltzfus (Outback Outdoors): “I like ScoutLook since it gives real-time wind direction for sitting at specific stands.”

Notice any trends there? Certainly weather and mapping apps are big for most of our hunters and they probably should be for you too.

This article originally appeared on Sportsman Channel website.

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