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05.09.17 Tuesday
More Testimonials About Bushmen Safaris Experience
By: Bushmen Safaris

After a week at the beautiful Bushmen Safaris facilities, we successfully ended our hunt at Bushmen Safaris with a monster wide Kudu bull, an impressive Waterbuck, two Impalas, and memories engrained in our heads for the rest of our lives.  We have some incredible pictures and videos to share along with some mounts that will remind us of our hunts with Bushmen. Hunting South Africa was by far an unbelievable experience. Getting within, at times,  5 to 25 yards to watch these plains game animals is just breathtaking. And the sunsets and sunrises, wow, it’s like you can just reach up and shake God’s hand. We will be back, especially since we did not get our shot at a Zebra or Gemsbok.A huge thank you to SCI and Bushmen Safaris for making this trip, a trip of a lifetime. I truly feel blessed to have experienced  hunting the bush at such a young age and can’t wait to get back.

-- Davie “Crockett’ Ferraro, Hunt Strong founder

“I'm a bow-hunter, it’s in my DNA. I've had the good fortune to hunt all over Africa and I have never had so many targets out in front of me. Two things that really stood out during my stay at Bushmen Safaris were the heart of the people and the sheer numbers of animals.”

-- Jim Burnworth Host of The Outdoor Channel's 'Western Extreme'

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