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04.19.16 Tuesday
Hunting Nyala in South Africa with Bushmen Safaris
By: Bushmen Safaris

Bushmen is owned, operated, and setup for the archer. This means that we understand what the archery hunter needs and expects and we make it happen. The Nyala is one of many species available to hunt on Bushmen Safaris wildlife conservancy in South Africa.

The male common Nyala is a medium-sized antelope of striking appearance. It is slender, with a narrow but deep body, and a shaggy, slate-brown coat. Younger males have up to 14 vertical white stripes on each side, but in older animals these are reduced to three or four, or may even be absent. There are white spots on hindquarters and cheeks, a white band on the lower neck, and a white facial chevron. A partially erectile dorsal crest of long hairs extends from the back of the head to the root of the tail-dark brown on the neck and white along the back. A very long, dark mane grows from throat to belly, and the hindquarters are fringed with long dark hairs. The tail is dark brown on top and white underneath. Lower legs are orange. Ears are large. Horns are grown by males only. They are dark with ivory tips, keeled in front and back, and spiral upward in a open curve of 1-1/2 to 2 turns.

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